Thursday, November 13, 2008

Felt Flurries Hair Ties

Here is a fabulous gift idea for the little "misses" in your life. I cannot take credit for this idea as it was on a post by onecrazysap. I am loving these felt flurries!

Here is how I made these:

I placed three felt flurries together on top of each other. 2 Large and 1 Small. I then placed a Rhinestone brad in the middle. (with the red/white one I used the paper piercer to punch through felt before inserting the brad; some of the flurries have openings in the middle and some do not) I turned the flurries over and opened the brad. I placed the metal part of the white hair tie in the middle of the brad opening so I would have one on each side. I then took needle nose pliers and wrapped the ends of the brads around the small metal piece of the hair tie. I made sure I squeezed the ends tight and also made sure that there was nothing poking that would poke into someones scalp. DONE! How easy is that?

Materials I used to create the Felt Flurries Hair Tie:
Little Felt Flurries (Holiday Mini)
Rhinestone Brads (Ice Circles and the clear one is from the Pretties Kit)
Hair ties
Needle Nose Pliers

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